Managing spending Find balance in your financial life

Is more money going out than coming in? Bank of America can provide guidance to help you get a handle on your spending so you have the power to do even more.

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Spend smarter You’re the boss of your finances

Take control of your finances—understand the ins and outs of overdrafts1 and be sure your Bank of America checking account works for your needs.

Confidently plan for whatever’s next

Get a weekly snapshot of month-to-date spending easily, search transactions, view rewards, manage cards and much more.

Learn more at Better Money Habits®

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Know your spending habits

Erica®2, your virtual financial assistant, can help identify subscriptions and recurring charges to help you keep track.

Spending and budgeting

Understand your daily finances

Our spending and budgeting3 tool can help you see how you’re doing with your budget.

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Be good with your money

Make the most of what you’ve earned: create a budget, set goals and tackle debt.

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Try an alternative to budgeting

There are other options, like the envelope method and money management apps.

Manage family finances The unified approach

Adding a “plus one” to your financial life? Merrill has tips for combining finances and aligning your investing approaches.


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Bring in the funds

Get your money into your accounts quickly by depositing checks4 when using the Bank of America Mobile Banking app.

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Pay those bills

Securely manage and pay your bills in one place with bill pay5Send and receive money with friends and family with Zelle®6 in minutes, no matter where they bank.

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Keep it secure

You can enable additional features in the security center and watch your security meter rise.

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Make it rewarding

See and redeem rewards for your eligible credit cards, all from the Mobile Banking app.

More family members. More to manage.

More people means multiple saving priorities with limited time. When your kids are ready, you can teach them the basics of budgeting.