Saving What are you saving for?

Taking your savings to the next level can be the key to unlocking new opportunities. Bank of America can provide guidance to help you grow what you have and make sure you’re prepared for whatever’s ahead.

There are many reasons to save. And many approaches.

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Savings tools

Take control of your savings with our tools for automatic transfers, budgeting apps and programs.

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Keep the Change®1

Simple, recurring actions can make a difference over time. Like rounding up debit card purchases and putting the spare change into your savings.

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Save your cash back

Did you know that when you’re redeeming BankAmeriDeals®2, you can deposit the cash back into your savings account?

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A little can add up

Even small additions to your savings account may help you get closer to your goals and plan for whatever’s ahead.

Save for a big purchase Ready for the next big thing?

Dreaming about big milestones, like buying a car? There are many good reasons, and ways, to save. The Bank of America Life Plan® tool5 can help you navigate the road ahead.

Learn more at Better Money Habits®

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Steady saving gets you there faster

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Interested in higher interest rates?

A certificate of deposit (CD) is a great way to save as interest rates are generally higher than savings accounts.

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Understand your savings options

When it comes to CDs and savings accounts, your timeline makes all the difference.