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When it comes to parents and students learning about finances together, Bank of America can help you make the right moves. The videos below introduce important topics and information you can use to take your financial journey with confidence. After you watch, build on what you learned by clicking to read additional content on each topic.

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Foundational banking terms

Get an explanation of monthly maintenance fees, overdrafting1, ways to move money and what foundational banking terms mean. Together with tips for managing your first debit card, it’s all to help you make the most of your bank accounts.

Understanding different ways to pay

See why knowing and understanding the details, such as the difference between credit and debit cards, how electronic payments work and how to monitor transactions, can help you bring your big financial picture into focus.


See tips for students as they prepare for the next step in their financial lives and learn tips on how they can get the most out of accounts, such as Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance Banking®.


See how students can learn to save for what they really want and ways they can build savings automatically, such as setting transfers and our Keep the Change®2 program.

Mobile Banking

Learn how to send money easily with Zelle®3 in our Mobile Banking app4 and to use tools such as Digital Wallets to make paying quick using your smart phone. Explore how alerts can help you stay on top of what’s in your account.

Establishing credit

Get the basics about how credit works and how you can establish a credit history responsibly. To help prepare you for when you’re ready to buy or lease in the future, explore tips for boosting your credit score.


See how setting up mobile alerts5 to monitor account activity and knowing what to look for in text or email can help you avoid scams. You can also learn how to steer clear of common scams that typically target students.

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