Spending & Saving Move closer to financial independence

Improving spending and savings habits starts with strong daily financial decisions. Learn how changes today can add up over time.

Establishing a Budget

Learn to keep track of where your money is going each month and how to monitor your progress toward financial goals.
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Creating a budget

Learn how to create a personal budget using these six steps.

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How to set a budget and stick to it

Watch the video to find out how to create a budget that works.

Saving Money

Use these tips to help set aside money, grow your savings and develop good saving habits.

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Transfer money

Move money between your accounts quickly and securely.1 You can also set up Automatic transfers.

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Keep the Change®

Enroll in Keep the Change to help grow your savings with debit card purchases.2

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Track spending

See how our Spending & Budgeting tool3 can help you stay on top of your monthly transactions and savings goals.

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Get Notified

Set up custom alerts to be notified when your balance is low.4

Take your saving skills further

See how Bank of America can help make saving even easier with tips and tools for students and young adults.

Learn more at Better Money Habits®.
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5 steps to get started with saving

Want to boost your savings? Small changes now can help you make progress toward a brighter future.

See how these five things can help.

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Tools that help make saving simple

Use these tools to help establish or improve money saving strategies.

Discover ways to help make it easier to save.

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How to prioritize your savings goals

From saving for college to preparing for retirement, here are some important tips to help decide where to put your money first.

Learn how to prioritize your savings goals.

Bank of America can help meet your needs

See how these helpful solutions can boost your progress.

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Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance Banking®

Flexible ways to pay, no overdraft fee and no monthly maintenance fee for SafeBalance Banking® accounts with an owner under 25.5

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Bank of America Advantage Savings

A savings account can help boost your financial health and put your goals into focus. There is no monthly maintenance fee for Advantage Savings accounts with an owner under 25.6

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Get a Bank of America debit card

Your Bank of America account includes a debit card that can help you manage day-to-day purchases.

Bank with ease, from almost anywhere

The Bank of America Mobile Banking app7 is packed with features to help manage accounts all in one place.

Get the app

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