Credit & Borrowing Bank of America helps students and young adults pursue their goals

Continue strengthening your finances with guidance on how to manage large expenses, build credit scores and keep debt in check.

Building Credit

Credit scores are an important factor in getting a loan. Learn how to start building or improving credit scores. Learn more at Better Money Habits®.

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4 key credit moves for 20-somethings

Get help with credit scores and build the financial history needed to borrow money.

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7 tips for your first credit card

Here is what first time credit card owners should know to help bring financial independence. 

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Building credit

Learn about some of the different credit card options available and how to find one that fits your needs.

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Credit & Credit Cards

Credit cards can help establish a good credit score, making it easier to get approved for an apartment, a car loan and even a job. Learn more about building credit responsibly at Better Money Habits®.

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Establishing credit

Start building a credit history by making on-time payments with credit cards.

Credit Cards for Students

Bank of America has a variety of credit cards for students. Learn more with our comparison tool and apply online today.

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    Earn rewards

    Earn points, cash back and exclusive rewards on eligible cards.

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    FICO® Score

    Now, when you opt-in you can access your FICO® Score updated monthly for free1, within your Mobile Banking app2 or in Online Banking.

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    Shop with ease

    All Bank of America credit cards are equipped with the latest security features.

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Making Major Purchases

Bank of America can help students make more confident decisions about major expenses, such as buying a car or planning a trip. Learn more at Better Money Habits®. 

Paying for college

Paying for school can be challenging. Find out how you can prepare to meet your student needs. 

Learn more at Better Money Habits®.

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How much to save for college: 4 common questions

Get answers to four of the biggest questions to help finance an education.

Find out how much to save.

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Terms to know when taking out student loans

Gain a better understanding of the student financial aid process and different options. 

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Seeking financial aid? What you need to know about the FAFSA

Get important dates and requirements to apply for student financial aid. 

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Get ahead of the job market: 8 ideas to make your college tuition pay off

Find out eight useful strategies to help get the attention of employers after college graduation.

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The Bank of America Mobile Banking app2 is packed with features to help manage accounts all in one place.

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