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Erica includes more ways to quickly answer your questions, including a live chat with a Bank of America specialist.2

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Erica leverages the latest technologies, in advanced analytics and cognitive messaging to serve as your trusted financial assistant. Erica is able to consider a range of data within Bank of America, like your cash flow, balances, transaction history and upcoming bills, to help you stay on top of your finances.

Yes. Right now, Erica is exclusively available in the Mobile Banking app. Just download the app today to get started!

You'll receive the same confirmations as you do today for transactions conducted in the mobile app. You can also check all transactions in the mobile app and in Online Banking.

Erica learns from the conversations with you and other Bank of America customers and has a dedicated team that’s continually working to expand the capabilities offered.

For now, Erica is only available in English.

Yes, we keep a record of your conversations with Erica for quality assurance, to maintain an accurate account of your requests, identify opportunities to make Erica's responses more helpful and ensure Erica's performance is optimal. When you speak with Erica by voice, the discussions are recorded and saved for 90 days so they can be analyzed to help refine listening skills.

No. You will need to be authenticated through the app to be able to use Erica.

Yes. Your interactions with Erica are protected by the same industry-leading privacy and security features as the mobile app and Online Banking.

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