Help avoid overdraft fees with Balance Connect®1

Balance Connect® for overdraft protection1 can help you cover your payments and purchases by automatically transferring available money from your eligible linked backup account(s).

Plus, there's no transfer fees.1 Linked credit accounts are subject to interest charges.2

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How does Balance Connect®1 work?

With Balance Connect® for overdraft protection, if you’re about to overdraw your account, we’ll automatically transfer available funds from up to 5 eligible linked backup accounts to help you cover your purchase. This can help you avoid declined transactions, returned checks, and overdrafts. Linked credit accounts are subject to interest charges.2

If you’ve linked multiple backup accounts, we’ll automatically transfer available funds from those accounts in the order you set in your preferences. You can enroll and manage your preferences easily in the Mobile Banking app3 or Online Banking.

It's easy to enroll and manage your preferences

Balance Connect® offers features that can help you manage your accounts.
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    your preferences quickly and easily in the Mobile Banking app3 or Online Banking.

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    up to 5 eligible Bank of America® backup accounts, such as another checking account, a savings account or a credit card.

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    the order of the accounts we use to help cover your transacations.

Enroll and manage your preferences

Don't wait — enroll today

Don't have a backup account?

We have a range of different eligible account options to choose from.

checking account

Checking accounts that help keep up with your life.

savings account

A savings account that comes wtih perks to help you reach your goals.

credit card

Find the right credit card that suits your needs.

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