THE POWER TO build a legacy

At Bank of America, we know that the determination of Hispanic small business owners can have an impact now and for generations to come. During Hispanic Heritage Month and always, we’re highlighting how these business owners in communities across the country work closely with us every day. We have an ongoing commitment to offer the expert advice from bilingual specialists, digital tools in Spanish, leadership programs and other essential resources they need to keep moving forward.

Building a network of support for business owners

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Find a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) near you

An important resource for Hispanic business owners are CDFIs. These typically nonprofit loan funds serve low- and moderate-income communities that can offer both capital and technical assistance. Bank of America is the largest private investor in CDFIs in the United States, with more than $1.6 billion in loans and investments in over 250 CDFIs.

Engineering a brighter future

Inspired by his father and an influential high school teacher, Oscar Zavaleta made the journey from the classroom to the owner of his own engineering and construction business in the San Francisco Bay area. Hear how he reached his goals with support from a Bank of America specialist.

2020 Hispanic Business Owners Spotlight

2021 Hispanic Business Owner Spotlight

Read our study exploring the impact of the pandemic, goals, challenges, and everyday realities of Hispanic small business owners across the country.

Alternate funding options for Hispanic small business owners

Alternate funding options for Hispanic small business owners

Compare a selection of available funding options for Hispanic-owned businesses to find the one best suited for your small business.

Financing options for small businesses

Financing options for small businesses

Hear from our small business experts to get a better understanding of what type of financing best suits your company based on how much you need and whether that need is short- or long-term.

Keeping finances separate

Keeping finances separate

Find out why it’s important for you to separate your business and personal finances and see the steps you can start taking now that can help pay off in the long run. 

Credit score basics for small business

Credit score basics for small business

One of our small business experts shares the basics of why monitoring and managing your business credit score is an essential task no matter if your business is growing or well established.

Resources & Articles

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Bank of America Business Advantage

Find comprehensive financial solutions to help you manage your business, like digital tools, specialists, and more.

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Small Business Resources

Find articles, resources, tips, advice and more from small business experts.

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Understanding diverse viewpoints

Explore Merrill research for unique perspectives from the Hispanic/Latino community including how hard work and family ties help drive their entrepreneurial spirit.

Better Money Habits

Better Money Habits

Explore free videos, articles and more to help you keep building your financial foundation and your business.

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Small Business Administration

Find Small Business Administration programs that support the development and growth of minority-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs from underserved communities.

Our ongoing commitment & support

Bank of America’s $1.25 Billion commitment

See how our $1.25 billion racial equality and economic opportunity commitment is focused on areas where systemic, long-term gaps have existed, including small business, housing, workforce development and healthcare assistance.

Meet with a specialist

Over half of our financial centers are staffed with bilingual employees including small business specialists to offer the advice, guidance and support that meet your specific needs.

Small Business Owners Report

Read our studies exploring the status of small business across the country. Find statistics and spotlight stories to help you navigate our current times.

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