Car Loan Eligibility Requirements and Conditions


  • Maximum vehicle age 10 calendar years
  • Vehicles with greater than 125,000 miles are not eligible for financing
  • No hybrid-modified vehicles or non-standard manufacturer vehicles will be financed
  • No commercial vehicles
  • No vehicles used for commercial/business purposes
  • No salvage, rebuilt or branded title vehicles
  • No gray market or lemon law vehicles
  • No motorcycles
  • No cash out or title loan financing


  • Applicant(s) must be US Citizen(s), Permanent Resident Alien(s), Non-Permanent Resident Alien(s)


  • No independent dealer purchases Footnote 1
  • Seller(s) and registered owner(s) listed on the title must be one and the same
  • Vehicle must be purchased directly from the seller/owner (no consignments)

Loan Structure

  • Term Limits may apply
  • Minimum loan amount $5,000 ($7,500 in Minnesota and South Carolina)
  • Loan-to-value restrictions apply
  • Down payment may be required
  • State taxes, fees, tag, title and any purchased service/insurance products may apply
  • Powers of Attorney are not accepted
Footnote 1 Independent Dealers are not affiliated with an auto manufacturer and may sell many different brands of used vehicles
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